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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Lucy Corrander - White Stripe on Black Metal
Scroll Down for a Bigger Picture


Philip Bewley said...

I would love to know more about this.

rosa said...

Yes, it is intriguing!

Collected said...

Well, if you scroll down a couple of pictures and go to the one of a brick arch in woodland, you'll see a couple of green metal poles.

The arch itself is a road bridge but the green poles are supporting a pedestrian bridge that runs along side it. (You can see a bit of the underneath.)

The white stripe is in the side of the pedestrian bridge. (I think it is the girder upon which the pavement rests.)

Leaves and sunlight obscure it in the picture of the arch. I moved across the track to the right hand side to get this view.

In the 'original', the white stripe is startlingly white. When I copied it onto the blog it went greyish - which is annoying. I nearly didn't use it.

Other pictures have stayed true to colour. But blogger clearly objects to startlingly bright white for some reason, which is a shame because that was the drama of the picture.


Lucy Corrander said...


'Collected' is me - Lucy.

I created an address where my various emails could be gathered into one place - and keep replying to them from there by mistake - which gives the impression a comment has been left by someone called 'Collected Mail'.

So . . . if you see comments left by someone who seems to be called 'Collected' . . . there's a good chance it's me getting in a muddle!


Philip Bewley said...

Well, whether it is from collected or Lucy I love it! I must say collected really gave me an incredible insight into what is seen here.
It is just so brilliant.
This is in incredible body of work.
You have talent bursting from you.

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