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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Lucy Corrander - Silhouette

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Zoë said...

Love this one Lucy, the sky colour is beautiful, like a lilac veil.


Lucy Corrander said...

Thanks Zoe.

It's funny how things work out.

I first noticed this tree when the sky was completely blue.

When I went back the next day to photograph it, it wasn't - so I was disappointed.

But I think it's better like this - which means it's lucky I couldn't take it first time round . . . also that I took it even though it wasn't what I had planned!


Lucy Corrander said...

p.s. If I were Esther, I would then have said "The photograph. (Not the tree.)"


garden girl said...

Hi Lucy, I'm feeling like a bit of an airhead now that I see how easy it is, and similar to Esther's blog, as I've been confused until now about how to comment and view individual posts.

I love the lines and textures you capature in all of these photos.

Lucy Corrander said...

Thank you, Garden Girl. I'm really glad you like the photos.

I hadn't realised how unclear it is about leaving comments or how to find things on the blog. Is it that you have to scroll down too far for the labels? or that I haven't put titles in the list . . . . or . . . it would be useful to know.

I may have to bring the labels up into the sidebar.

I put them at the end of the 'Gallery' of older posts initially because I didn't want to spoil the atmosphere of a wordless blog with a great long list of, well, words down the side of it!

However, the more pictures there are . . . the further you have to go! . . . So I may have to re-organise.

Ideas would be welcome.

By the way. Thank you for your kind message on 'Loose and Leafy'. I'm replying to things haphazardly in odd moments but I haven't forgotten and will reply.


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