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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Lucy Corrander - Pictures Just Pictures - Aloe Leaves - Detail

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easygardener said...

Does its skin look smooth, elastic and blemish free? If so it must be an aloe :-)
P.S. I've sent for some preserving jars.

Lucy Corrander said...

It's a succulent; very stiff and upright, about eighteen inches tall, with red spikes along the edges of its leaves. The skin is smooth but it doesn't look elastic to me.

I took the photo in a public park where they have quite a few.

I don't know anything about these kinds of plants and I wasn't even sure their leaves are actually called 'leaves' or whether they have another, more precise description.

It's an odd sort of park. Some areas are planted with plants like these widely spaced with lots of dull bare earth between.

Then there are huge squares of orange marigold type things with a date palm sticking up in the middle of each one . . . and then there are some softer borders, very loosely planted, with tall, almost weed like yellow and blue flowers, very gentle and natural.

Nothing really hangs together but as the council had hardly touched it until a couple of years ago, it is nice to see it coming to life again, even if it is (to my eyes) in a rather odd way.


Lucy Corrander said...

Easy Gardener - I had an email from Jenn at Garden Djinn saying she reckoned the 'Aloe' is really an 'Agave' and asking for more pictures. So I put what I have (which isn't much as I only took photos of parts of the plants!) at SUPPLEMENTARY PICTURES. She's taken a look and says it's definitely an Agave (amongst the 'Sharkskin' varieties) - so I've changed the title.

Thanks to you too for your help in this.

How's the preserving going?


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