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Thursday, July 31, 2008


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Philip Bewley said...

Dear Lucy,
I keep coming back your photo essay numerous times today.
I have wanted to post a comment, but words sometimes are not adequate when one is really moved. I am afraid that adjectives will seem trite. So, after many false starts, perhaps I should just say what I feel.
I love your work. It moves me. I see things like this, but perhaps not often enough, and usually only in dreams.
You have captured the estuary; the brackish tang, the green-brown, the russet, the open landscape so huge that one sees bits of things in salty plants which loom large. Perspective is altered; all is touched by the wind.
The pine and thicket is a natural accompaniment. To use the word “texture” seems so obvious. One feels what you have shown. The image of knitted wool is brilliant and delicious.
Your work gives me so much pleasure, and makes me think. Thank you.

Lucy Corrander said...

Thank you Philip.

Yes, texture is very important - and shape - and the way the things we can't see are as important as the things we can(shadow / overwhelming light / the bits round a corner).

I'm so pleased you like them.

I'm interested, and surprised, that they make you think. I'm simply struck by their 'there-ness' - that all sorts of wonderful things are just 'there' and whose special dignity may go unnoticed until we section them off and put them in an individual frame - and the only way to do that is to photograph them in situ - the context is crucial, even when most of the context is outside the range of the photo.

Well, and, once again, thank you.


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