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Friday, October 17, 2008


Lucy Corrander - Dry Reeds in October

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garden girl said...

so pretty Lucy! What a gorgeous blue sky!

ELK said...

lucy the texture against the sky is stunning

The Weaver of Grass said...

Textures again Lucy! They are your strong point. Where did you find such blue sky?

Lucy Corrander said...

Hello Garden Girl, Elk and Weaver of Grass.

There have been some stunning blue skies throughout the summer - and they seem to be persisting into the autumn.

(This photo was taken last weekend.)

We have had a lot of cloudy days too. (It is almost solidly overcast at this moment - Friday afternoon.)

But this photo had to be against blue. If it had been against a white sky, the reeds would have been invisible!

(On the other hand . . . perhaps I will try that . . . it might work out like damask.)

About texture . . . I have photos of the same reeds with more texture and no sky but, although I don't think this particular shot is of any great artistic merit, I automatically smile every time I see it - and that is no bad thing!


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